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Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage has been practised for more than 5000 years and originated from India, it is said to calm the organs, body and mind.
Once we discover how to turn off the mind we open ourselves up to a whole new sensual world where the way we feel takes precedence over the way we think.

Prices - 1 hour £120
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The body’s natural healing process works at its best when the mind is disengaged and when this happens your mind allows a heavenly peace to enter our being, this peaceful energy removes negative stress from each part of the body. Tantric Massage leads us towards peace and then releases us into a state of bliss.
When the body is softly and sensually pampered the spirit also gathers strength, Tantric Massage transforms our sexual energy into a force that is positive, when the body is fulfilled the mind makes more efficient decisions. As the pleasure receptors in the body are engaged your inner awareness expands.
Tantric Massage gives power to the body because it understands the natural rhythm that is within us. A deeper inner strength emerges when we experience honour and respect for our inner self. Massage stokes can be done fast or slow, but in terms of their effect, the slower, the better. The reason for this is that the natural response to touch by the nervous system, is to see if this is a treat. Once you allow time for the nervous system to establish that you are in no harm, and in safe hands, true relaxation can occur.
Our Tantric massage stokes are done very slowly and sensuously to allow you to explore your senses and become fully present in your whole body, it incorporates all your senses, from your sense of sound, smell, imagination, to your sense of touch. A blissful feeling of relaxation is produced; this in turn helps reduce the effects of stress allowing the heart to drop and reducing blood pressure. During your tantric massage another benefit is that the release of endorphins is stimulated, the body's natural 'feel good' chemicals, our tantric therapy massage will leave your mind and spirit rejuvenated too.

There are several misconceptions around the world about Tantric massage, first you need to understand the difference between a tantric massage and an erotic one. The nude massage is designed to arouse sexual feeling in the client and it involves massaging the sexual organs. There is nothing additional to it than that and you can imagine the attraction for such services. However, this is not a tantric massage. The tantric massage is targeted at your overall well being and health the fact remains that your sexual health is a part of your overall wellbeing, however just the sexual satisfaction is not the goal for your tantric massage. Instead, it is a way of using the sexual touches subtly as a part of an ancient ritual that connects two dissimilar humans’ at all different levels. This allows the client's mind to be free from the usual drudgery of leading a normal life and reach spiritual heights. If a trained and experienced tantric teacher conducts this ritual of tantric massage, it will provide definite benefits to your body. It is expected that the receiver of the massage must enjoy the ritual without holding any high hopes. This allows the person to surrender to the gentle touches of the therapist and enjoy the whole experience. The Western form of massage differs slightly than this. The tantric massage believes in touching your whole body and the ardent followers of the massage say that, it is the only way to release the sexual energy.

Because of performing the massage you will see that your body is absorbing more oxygen that before and using it more efficiently. Your blood circulation will also improve dramatically. Body will be able to get rid of all muscular strains, which are the main cause of inducing stress. During the process of performing the tantric massage, several body ports that were closed before, will start to open and the port for sexual interaction is only one of such many portals.

In most cases, the ritual starts with a short breathing exercise followed by visualization, which prepares the client and the expert to synchronize their energy levels. This session is followed by a full body sensual massage also called as an erotic massage. This involves massaging the sexual organs (also called as lingam massage or yoni massage), although not necessarily to achieve orgasm but to unlock all sexual tension in your body and propel you to a state of bliss. Energetic Orgasms are often achieved in the process and it is normal to do so. You can get in touch with an expert in tantric massage to find out more about its healing powers. There is no reason to stay away from the wonderful experience.
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